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Huawei P30 Lite Cases

The Huawei P30 lite is a fantasti budget phone that offers excellent spec for the price point. With a similar aesthetic to the P30 pro – all screen display with a notch, a tri-camera array and a sleek,slim handset – all at a fraction of the price. 

Value for money it may be, but you’ll still need a good phone case to protect this fragile phone.  Because the design is slightly different, also ensure you buy the correct P30 Lite case as other P30 Versions may not fit


Choosing the right case for your Huawei P30 Lite

Choose your model carefully

With so many variants of the P30, it's very easy to purchase the wrong case. Not all P30 models have the same layout and so not all cases are suitable for each model. Please make sure that you choose P30 lite when picking your case.

Screen Protection

Like most modern phones, the screen is the centerpiece and takes up almost the entire front of the phone. This makes it very vulnerable so you should always ensure that your P30 lite case has adequate screen protection.

Our top pick

Our top choice for the P30 Lite is the Lovecom Neo Hyrbid Case. This case is a slim yet rugged piece that combines shock absorbing TPU combined with a polycarbonate bumper that protects your phone against drops. The TPU has a nice textured pattern which adds to the phones aesthetic. 

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