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iPhone case range

Apple’s iPhone range contains some truly stunning designs. Stunning, yet fragile.  Typically iPhones have large glass screens and sleek, easily scratched chassis.   If you work outside in all weathers, you like to go adventuring, or maybe you just drop your iPhone a lot, you should definitely think about a good case for your iPhone. 

When the going gets tough, the smart buy a rugged iPhone case that can take the knocks. 

Types of iPhone Cases

Folio Cases

Folio cases are a great optino for those who need complete protection. This type of cases snaps onto the back and folds over the front giving 360 degree protection

Shell Cases

Shell cases tend to be more fashionable but do not offer as much protection

Best iPhone Case for me

This really depends on your phone and your individual needs. If you work in a particularly active environment, its always a good idea to make sure your phone has as much protection as possible. 

However, if you favor a more relaxed environment or always keep your phone in a bag, then you can be a bit laxer and maybe go for style over function with your choice of phone case

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